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2 • Portfolio
3 Canvas
4 • Information
5 Slide show
6 Sending an image to the Museum
7 Sending a postcard
8 Copying an image
9 Printing an image
10 Recycling
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3 • Canvas

The drawing tools include a palette of colors, a half-tone tool, a texture palette, a transparency tool, a stroke-size selector, and a water drop for smudging.

You can make or undo strokes as many times as you like. The animation tool lets you replay the construction of the image stroke by stroke at any desired speed.

To erase a part of a picture, use either white color or the background color to cover the part you wish to remove.

To reselect a stroke - its color, half-tone, stroke and transparency - hold down the shift key while clicking on a sample of the desired stroke in your image.

The smudging tool is found at the lower right of the half-tone palette. It lets you extend or smear the color just as you would rub a pastel mark with your finger or dilute ink with water. Combining this tool with different textures gives rise to many original and surprising effects.


Drawing tools :

Grays and Colors
Thickness and Transparency

1st level of Textures
Felt-tip; Watercolor; Spray; Crayon;
Gouache; Ink; Crayon; Crayon
2nd level of Textures
Scales; Spots; Water; Branches/Hay
Hair; Grass; Curly Hair; Trees
3rd level of Textures
Trees/Tires; Stars; Petals; Trees;
Garlands; Leaves, Grass/Fur; Bubbles